Whiskey Smash Recipe Without Mint

Add all ingredients, including mint and lemon peel, to a shaker tin. To build in the glass, place the lemons and simple syrup in the bottom of the large old fashioned glass.

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With a muddler, or the back of a wooden spoon, muddle the mint, syrup and lemons until the mint is very fragrant.

Whiskey smash recipe without mint. To this mixture, add crushed ice, bourbon whiskey, and cranberry juice. You can do this by slapping it on your hand or lightly crushing it with a spoon. Along with this whiskey smash, the brandy smash and gin smash (made with genever) were equally popular in the 1800s.

In a mixing glass, combine lemon, sugary simple syrup and mint leaves. Slice a lemon in half, then slice each piece in half again. Ideally, you'd have a cocktail shaker and shake everything together (hence 'smash').

This will release the juices from the fresh mint (and boy will it smell good). Add lemon and mint to a shaker or mixing glass. Muddle syrup, water, lemon and mint in a cocktail shaker.

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Strain into a rocks glass over fresh ice. Smash cocktails use a muddler to press the juices and oils out of fresh ingredients and mix the flavors together before adding the liquor. Muddle together or smash with the end of a wooden spoon.

For the best results, make sure that you slightly crush the spring of mint before garnishing the glass. You can help it by letting the muddled mint steep a little. Shake with ice until chilled.

In a small saucepan over medium heat, add the peaches, water and sugar and stir to combine. Drop 4 of these into your shaker. Muddle lemon, mint and simple syrup in a shaker without ice.

1/2 cup (75 grams) mixed berries. Place berries in a cocktail shaker and thoroughly muddle them together. This ginger whiskey smash is easy to make and for only a few ingredients, tastes much more complex than it is.

Muddle the mixture with the handle of a wooden spoon. Put ice in blender) and garnish with a sprig of mint. Shake vigorously and pour into two rocks glasses filled with ice.

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Muddle the lemon, then add the. 1 lemon peel, about 2” or so. But even just muddling everything well in a glass gets a decent amount of flavor from the mint.

Stir occasionally as the mixture heats up to dissolve the sugar into the water bring the mixture to a brief boil and then reduce the. Both the mint julep and whiskey smash are cocktails with deep southern roots. While any muddled cocktail qualifies, the classic smash drinks feature mint.

Those two typically skip the lemon and use mint alone. Top with crushed ice (method: However, a whiskey smash is also muddled.

Strain into rocks glass over crushed ice. A cross between a mint julep and a whiskey sour, this recipe will teach you how to make this cocktail. Muddle until the lemon juice is expressed.

Take each quarter and slice those in half so you have eighths. 1 cup (200 grams) granulated sugar. I forbid you to make this whiskey recipe if you aren’t going to garnish it with a sprig of mint.

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Make the peach simple syrup. Both cocktails are made with whiskey, mint, and simple syrup. How to make a whiskey smash cocktail.

Add basil hayden ® and ice, and shake to combine. Whiskey smash 2 oz rye whiskey 1 oz simple syrup (1:1) 4 whole pieces of 1/8 lemon slices (half of a lemon) 1 bunch of spearmint 1 dash citrus bitters. The whiskey smash is one of the best whiskey drinks.

Make and serve in the same glass. Add the bourbon, mint sprig, and fill with ice about halfway. Add the mint and muddle just a few more times.

Fish the lemons out of the shaker along with any seeds, set aside. To make the whiskey smash even easier, use a heavy bottomed double rocks glass and add the lemon directly to the glass.

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