Pink Panty Dropper Recipe Frozen Lemonade

In a big pitcher mix the 12 pack with the 3 cans of concentrate and 36 to 40 shots of vodka. Fortunately, it is simple to half this recipe to make the yields smaller and the amount more manageable.

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Hop skip and go nekkid.

Pink panty dropper recipe frozen lemonade. How to make a pink panties cocktail. Pour into your favorite tall cocktail glass and top with whipped cream and cherries. Add garnish if desired, and include stir stick.

Pink panty droppers pink panty dropper alcohol drink recipes lemonade concentrate. 1/2 c vanilla ice cream; In a blender, combine pink lemonade, liquors, ice cream, strawberries, and ice and blend until smooth and creamy.

Get the worst beer you can, preferably keystone ice or light, the cheapest handle of 80 proof vodka availiable, and 3 cans of frozen pink lemonaid concentrate. Use empty can again and fill with water, pour into pitcher. Can frozen pink lemonade concentrate;

Peach flavored vodka, we used 360 georgia peach vodka, but any peach vodka is fine; Ingredients to make a pink panties drink recipe with vodka: Add beer, vodka, and tequila to the glass.

You’ll need these ingredients to make the yummy blender drink, the pink panties cocktail. Stir in lemonade concentrate and vodka after beer stops foaming. If you want the lemonade to be extra sweet, add a fifth can of concentrate to the mix.

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In a glass add ice. Kelloggs science in the kitchen features a pink lemonade recipe calling for a half a cup of fresh or canned strawberry red raspberry currant or cranberry juice in lieu of cinnamon candies or dirty wash water. Skip and go naked aka.

Another winning feature of this recipe is that it makes a ton of punch. Steps to make panty dropper. Skip and go naked (a.k.a.

Final step is to pour one bottle of beer into pitcher and mix, let sit for at least 30. Add ice to a tall clear drinking glass, and strain the mixture into your cocktail glass over ice or into a shot glass if you prefer a shot. Garnish with lemon wheel slices, if desired.

1 can frozen pink lemonade; Another variation of the recipe calls for tequila and everclear instead of the vodka. One standard bottle of vodka 12 pk of pabst blue ribbon 2 pink lemonade frozen juice concentrate

Then pour in all the beer. Pink panty dropper punch 12 12oz cans of beer 24 oz can pink lemonade concentrate 24 oz. 1 12 shots of gin or vodka.

A smaller version of this recipe is: This pink panties cocktail is the adult version of frozen pink lemonade. Make apple cider vinegar from apple juice.

(girls love getting sloshed off it too!) get the worst beer you can, preferably keystone ice or light, the cheapest handle of 80 proof vodka availiable, and 3 cans of frozen pink lemonaid concentrate. That way you won't kill all of the carbonation in the beer. 1 can of frozen pink lemonade vodka 1 beer ( the crappier the beer the better) water pour one can of frozen pink lemonade in pitcher.

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Makes two 8 oz glasses. Most people would have a hard time even finding a vessel to hold that much punch, let alone enough people to drink it. Refill the concentrate can with vodka and add inand youve got a pink panty dropper.

Pour lemonade at the top and splash cranberry juice. Add all ingredients (except garnish) to blender; Five gallons to be exact.

Csu chico student warning this is going to sound really gross but it tastes great. Pour the lemonade concentrate into your jug of choice. Fill empty lemonade can with vodka then pour vodka into pitcher.

For garnish top it with lemon slice and cherry. You basically just mix all the ingredients together, but the best way to do this is by mixing the frozen pink lemonade concentrate with the vodka first. Blend until combined and smooth;

3 beers 1 can frozen pink lemonade concentrate.

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