Mudslide Mix With Ice Cream

The ultimate frozen mudslide is a thick delicious drink. Pour ice cream, ice, swiss miss®, coffee liquor and vodka into blender and blend until smooth.

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To make this mudslide on the rocks, all you need is a cocktail shaker and highball glasses.

Mudslide mix with ice cream. Add the kahlúa coffee liqueur, absolut vodka and irish cream liqueur into a shaker. Fold in sweetened condensed milk until fully combined, then fold in chocolate. Combine bailey’s irish cream, kahlua, vodka, milk, and ice in a.

I whipped up another summer drink to add to my. Drizzle chocolate sauce around sides of glasses. A frozen mudslide is the best adult version of a milkshake that is made with the right amount of ice cream and kahlua.

Instead of ice cream, use 1 to 2 ounces of milk along with the ice cubes. The mudslide is a dessert cocktail made with vodka, kahlua and bailey’s irish cream. Pour mix into a hurricane glass.

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Place vodka, coffee liqueur, irish cream and heavy cream in a cocktail shaker. The mudslide drink is a delicious dessert cocktail made with kahlua, vodka and irish cream. Make a chocolate mudslide by using chocolate ice cream.

Serve in a rocks glass with fresh ice. Add in lots of ice and shake together. You will think you are drinking a mocha milkshake.

For a bit more flavor, switch from vodka to whiskey. Scoop out the ice cream into a blender. If you like applebee's mudslide recipe then you are sure to enjoy this.

Though similar in flavor, the mudslide gets a little extra kick by substituting irish cream for boring old regular cream. Shake until cold, then strain into a cocktail glass. In a stand mixer fitted with a whisk attachment, beat heavy cream until stiff peaks form, 5 minutes.

This mudslide is served on the rocks, unlike it's frozen cousin. Shake until the outside of the shaker is very cold. Add 1/2 cup plus 2 tablespoons of the mudslide cocktail blend and the instant coffee blend.

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Give the frozen mudslide a minty twist by adding 1/2 tablespoon of chopped peppermint candy or 1/2 teaspoon peppermint extract to. With kalua, irish cream, vodka, ice cream, chocolate syrup, cream, all blended in a blender. Blend the vodka, irish cream, coffee liqueur and vanilla ice cream together.

Add a few ice cubes to the glass. It also adds ice cream, which really is the defining ingredient of the.

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