Dried Elderflower Liqueur Recipe

Stir a bit into sparkling water or mix into cocktails for a nice drink! With very few other flavors present, the elderflower is not overpowered, rather it’s complimented well in a way that brings out its best.

The Elderflower Martini Takes Your Standard Martini Recipe And Adds Touches Of St Germains Elderflower Liqueur And Li Elderflower Martini Elderflower Martini

When ready to use, strain out the elderflowers with a fine mesh sieve, then add the optional honey or sugar.

Dried elderflower liqueur recipe. Place the elderflowers in a quart jar. Put the elderberries into the vodka bottle, or a kilner jar. Push the flowers into the emptied vodka bottle or a jar, tip in the sugar and leave for 1 hr.

↓↓↓↓↓ “show more” ↓↓↓↓↓ the recipe will be in my blog very soon! Elderflower wine is a fantastic drop, and you can also make elderlower wine from dried elderflowers! First drink about a third of the vodka, if you’re not up to that, or would like to use all the vodka to make liqueur, you will need to decant about a third of it.

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Add 1 shot of elderflower liqueur, 1 shot of irish whisky. Make elderberry syrup to add to sparkling water, cocktails or as a substitute for sugar; Strain and let the berries dry.

This recipe is simple and delicious while offering you the perfect taste of elderflower. There are only a few ingredients for this version of homemade st germain liqueur. Make elderflower jelly for pudding (pretty and tasty!) create a festive and tasty summer solstice cordial;

Add the lemon zest and juice. Gently rinse the flower heads in water and check for bugs. The water is brought to the boil and then the grape concentrate, dried elderberries and sugar is stirred in to dissolve the sugar.

If you prefer a boozy version check out this elderflower and lemon cordial. Mix 1 shot elderflower liqueur. 250g of dried elderberries 100ml of red grape concentrate 1.25kgs of sugar 1 teaspoon of citric acid pectic enzyme/pectolase (as per manufacturer's dosage instructions) 4.5ltrs of water.

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Use a jug as it will be helpful later. You can then freeze the berries in bags ready to use whenever you want. 3 ounces champagne, or your choice of dry white wine

If you have access to fresh elderflower blossoms, do not dry them, as they will produce a more fragrant and delicate cordial when used fresh. Try making elderflower cordial to add a sweetness and light floral touch to your drink; You can learn how to dry your own elderflowers, if you happen to have.

You can find lots of our homebrew wine recipes on our website: This recipe runs through my method and recipe for making this fantastic elderflower wine. 1/4 cup dried elderflowers (see note) 1 meyer lemon (see note) 1 1/2 teaspoons citric acid powder (see note)

And who wouldn’t want to try their hand at making elderflower wine? The debris and dried flowers will float to the top and can easily be removed and the elderberries that sunk to the bottom will all be good.

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