Cucumber Vodka Cocktails With Basil

Add cucumber juice and rum and muddle again. There are few things more refreshing then a cucumber vodka cocktail during happy hour.

Basil Cocktail With Cucumber Vodka And Limonata – Sip And Feast Cucumber Vodka Basil Cocktail Vodka Drinks Easy

3 slices cucumber, plus more for garnish.

Cucumber vodka cocktails with basil. Add basil and gently muddle again. 1 1/2 oz gin or vodka (omit or sub extra club soda for a mocktail) 3/4 oz cucumber juice; 1 ½ fluid ounces vodka.

Put cucumbers, basil leaves, lime slices, rum, and raw sugar cubes into a metal cocktail shaker. Ingredients for a cucumber basil refresher. 1/2 oz simple syrup (here’s the easy recipe if.

Top with soda water and garnish. This cucumber vodka elderflower cocktail is perfect for hot summer nights. A refreshing cocktail that screams summer and will have your tastebuds dancing!

Pour into a glass filled with ice (or up in a martini glass, if preferred). Muddle cucumber, basil leaves, and simple. Add basil, cucumbers, and simple syrup to a cocktail shaker and muddle.

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Add lime juice and vodka. In the bottom of a cocktail shaker, add the cucumber slices, basil leaves, and sugar cube. Fill glass with ice, pour vodka and simple syrup over ice.

Shake with ice and pour into glass. Add ice, place lid onto the shaker, and shake vigorously;. In the bottom of a cocktail shaker, muddle basil, lime, sugar and peppers.

A cucumber basil cocktail of divine flavor balance cucumber, basil, vodka; Place cucumber in a mason jar or cocktail shaker. 3 basil leaves, plus more for garnish.

Muddle 2 basil leaves with a slice of cucumber in a shaker. Garnish with basil leaf, cucumber, and/or jalapeño. 1 oz cucumber, basil and mint simple syrup (see below) soda water.

Add ice,vodka and pineapple juice. 1 ½ teaspoons superfine sugar. Mash mixture together with a muddler until the sugar cubes have dissolved.

Garnish of cucumber slices, basil and mint leaves. Muddle until combined, and the sugar begins to dissolve in the liquid. Add frankly organic original vodka, lime juice, and ice to the cocktail shaker and.

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Garnish with cucumbers and basil leaves. Add ice, vodka, simple syrup and lime juice to the jar, cover and shake vigorously. A simple drink made with either my healthy honey mint lemonade.

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