Blue Lagoon Drink Recipe Without Alcohol

If you want to make the blue lagoon into a mocktail, it is pretty easy. Use more ice for a slushier cocktail.

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Squeeze fresh lime into the cup

Blue lagoon drink recipe without alcohol. Fresh lemon juice from 1 ½ to 2 lemons. What is blue lagoon mocktail. It is a simple 3 ingredient.

A blue drinks stands out for it’s bright color and seems to be synonymous with summer. Use lemonade and blue gatorade or curacao syrup. Shake well to mix and chill.

There are 2 ounces of alcohol in the blue lagoon cocktail recipe. 1 oz each of vodka and blue curacao. The bright blue color and citrusy flavor is perfect for warmer months!

Larger pieces of ice work better as they take longer to melt and won’t muddle the flavors of the drink. How to make a blue lagoon mocktail. We used blue c uraçao syrup to get the beautiful blue color it's known for.

If you want to make a refreshing cocktail that is simple to make but looks exciting, the popular blue lagoon drink (aka laguna azul) is just the thing. This tropical blue lagoon mocktail is made without any alcohol! Blue drink recipes without alcohol.

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How to make a blue lagoon mocktail. Blue hawaii bubble tea lagoon drink mix tail garnish. As the name suggests, the blue lagoon is the perfect way to add a summery splash of colour to the table, with vodka, lime and curaçao.

Add 1 ounce of blue curaçao syrup. Contrary to many rum based. First of all you can omit the vodka and then substitute the blue curacao for a blue curacao syrup that does not contain alcohol.

Mocktails and non alcoholic tails blue shoe mocktail recipe mix that drink blue lagoon tail easy and blue lagoon non alcoholic recipe. Add ice to shaking glass and pour over coconut rum, pineapple rum, blue curacao and lime juice. Blue lagoon non alcoholic recipe spoon fork and food blue lagoon non alcoholic recipe yard instant blue lagoon mocktail recipe summer drink non alcoholic blue lagoon recipe bbc good food.

The best blue lagoon drink with pineapple juice recipes on yummly | blue lagoon margarita, blue lagoon jello shots, blue lagoon. Ingredients 30ml marie brizard blue curacao 500ml Add lemon line soda or club soda for a bubbly drink.

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This drink has a citrus taste without being overly sweet.


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